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Englewood's Economic Resurgence: A Tour of Burgeoning Projects

Updated: Mar 3

After the insightful Englewood Economics panel discussion hosted by City Club of Chicago in September, Englewood leaders had the privilege of guiding funders and prospective partners on an eye-opening tour of the various burgeoning projects in Englewood this past week.

This team effort featured leaders from Teamwork Englewood, Grow Greater Englewood, Imagine Englewood If, RAGE Englewood, Growing Home, EG Woode, and Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce, who unveiled a tapestry of diverse projects that are shaping Englewood's narrative, from the Peace Campus, 69th Reimagined, to the Englewood Trail.

In the words of one of the co-founders, "Our commercial corridor has faced disinvestment for many decades; We want our business owners to be able to receive the services and resources that they need in Englewood, just like many other neighborhoods throughout Chicago."

The tour was a resounding success, with participants gaining a firsthand look at the vibrant and innovative community that Englewood is becoming. From new housing developments to thriving businesses, Englewood is on the rise, and these projects are just a few examples of the many ways in which the community is driving its own development.

A heartfelt acknowledgment to

City Club of Chicago and Mirlene Dossous at the McCormick Foundation for their meticulous orchestration of both the panel and tour.

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