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Future of Commerce Promo Graphics.png
Future of Commerce Promo Graphics.png
Join us for an evening of insightful discussions, networking, and community building at "Englewood Reimagined: Future of Commerce," featuring a dynamic panel on the future development and revitalization of Englewood. After the panel, participants will have the option to choose from three engaging breakout sessions, including a business-building workshop, a creative T-shirt design session, and a hands-on solar power workshop. Register now to secure your spot!

The event will kick off with a dynamic panel focused on the future development and revitalization of Englewood.


Our panelists will share their insights and vision for transforming Englewood into a vibrant hub of culture, commerce, and connection.


From 6 PM to 7 PM, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in one of three engaging breakout panels:

  • "So You Want to Be a Millionaire: Business Building Workshop": Part workshop and  part Q+A that will provide valuable strategies and tips for building a successful business.

  • "T-shirt Bar: Create a Memorable T-shirt": A creative session where participants can design and print their own unique T-shirts, guided by experts from Wagu Studios.

  • "Solar Innovators: Hands-On Solar Power Workshop": An interactive workshop committed to informing Englewood on the opportunity of solar power technology.


Throughout the event, there will be ample opportunities for networking, visit ing our future of food vendors, and  light refreshments. Music will be provided throughout the evening  creating a lively atmosphere for all attendees.

Additionally, we will conduct  raffles every hour, giving away DoorDash credits to lucky participants!

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