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Join us for an  innovative engagement of art and business to enhance vacant storefronts on 63rd street in Englewood!


Save the Date

The launch of 63rd Street Reimagined is November 26th, Small Business Saturday! Enjoy a trolley ride to the art locations with the final stop at the Englewood Marketplace Pop-Up Shop!



You will be able to view incredible art from Englewood artists at the following vacant locations:

  • 1009 W 63rd St. 

  • 1022 W 63rd St.  

  • 1054 W 63rd St. 

  • 1106 W 63rd St.

  • Pop-up: 1122 W 63rd St.

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  1. The first art installation space a 1009 W 63rd St. 

  2. The first trolley location will be at the 2nd art installation space at 1022 W. 63rd St.

  3. Trolley will take participants to the west corner of 63rd and Aberdeen St. so that you can see art installation (3rd art piece) at 1054 W 63rd St.

  4. Participants can then walk down to 1106 W 63rd St. to see the 4th art piece before walking over to the Englewood Marketplace Pop-Up event.

  5. The Englewood Marketplace Pop-Up location is 1122 w. 63rd St., 4th Floor.


Stay tuned for announcements on participating businesses in our Small Business Saturday Pop-Up Shop!


The Artists

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