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mHUB and GECC Partner to Increase Manufacturing-based Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Job Creation in Cleantech

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced 23 teams that won the CONCEPT stage of its Community Energy Innovation Prize within the Clean Energy Ecosystem and Manufacturing Ecosystem tracks. Each team was awarded $100,000, including mHUB, in partnership with the Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce (GECC). Together, mHUB and GECC will create the Clean Tech Innovation Network (CTIN). It will support manufacturing-based innovation, entrepreneurship, and job creation in cleantech with a specific focus on energy infrastructure for grid modernization. 

“It’s imperative that all of our nation’s innovators have the resources they need to scale critical technologies that address climate concerns globally while growing manufacturing-based economies here in the U.S,” said Haven Allen, mHUB CEO and co-founder.

“Through our partnership with mHUB we hope to build a diverse workforce ready to catalyze creation of new businesses, products, and job opportunities,” said Felicia Slaton Young, MBA, GECC executive director. 

Read the full press release:

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