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Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce: Making a Lasting Impact in 2023 and Beyond

Updated: Mar 2

The Greater Englewood Chamber is making a significant impact on the Englewood community. In 2023, our organization provided support to thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses, helping to revitalize the neighborhood and create economic opportunity.

Let's take a look at some of our key achievements in 2023:


• 600+ individuals, entrepreneurs & small business owners participated in GEC programs in 2023


• GEC raised more $253,000 thousand in donations in 2023

Businesses Supported

• GEC supported 55 new businesses in 2023

• This represents a 11% increase from 2022

Additional Highlights

• GEC launched one new program in 2023: the VIP Shopper Card; a marketing tool to

promote and support local retailers

• GEC secured $1,000,000 in grant funding from the State of Illinois in 2023 for 2024

development work

• GEC built new partnerships including 1871, Lumena Energy, Google, EX3 Labs, Uber, and

committed to growing our partnership with mHub

These achievements are a testament to the collective effort of the GECC, our dedicated members, and the Englewood community. As we strive to build a brighter future for Englewood, we invite you to continue supporting our mission.

By joining forces, we can create a thriving neighborhood where businesses flourish and the community prospers. We look forward to your continued support in making Englewood a place of opportunity and growth.

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