• Rachael N. Turner

GECC Assistance for Businesses During COVID-19

A report on the direct impact of GECC

Many businesses were hit hard and blindsided by COVID-19 and all of its effects. Recent reports have shown that 41% of black business have closed* due to measures taken to reduce the spread of the Corona Virus. In addition, looting from over the past couple months has also proven to be a major factor in the success of businesses in Englewood and throughout major cities in the United States.

Georgia's Food Depot - Owner, Ms. Georgia, and GECC Executive Director, Felicia Slaton-Young pictured in front of the new window funded by GECC.

Englewood business and GECC member, Georgia's Food Depot, was one of the businesses that has been affected and experiencing setbacks due to COVID-19 and looting.

The security door to Georgia's Depot was broken into and damaged. The large windows located at the front of the business were smashed. The GECC was able to help assess the damages and provide relief.

Both windows were replaced and $5,000.00 in emergency capital was granted to the business owner.

Cookie's Lounge, Englewood Business and GECC Member, also experienced damages due to looting.

View the new window and below!

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Business Owner Assistance

Tess's Place Style Shop, Englewood business and GECC member, had to replace two broken windows, a shattered glass door, and a shattered display case. The first photo shows a board up of the large broken window in front of the shop.

GECC was able to replace the above mentioned glass structures and provided $2,000.00 in emergency capital.

Owner of Tess's Place Style Shop, Tess, is pictured with GECC Executive Director Felicia Slaton-Young.

John's Hardware & Bicycle Shop was refunded $340 from GECC, to cover a bill from Smith Glass. (At the time of publishing, the glass was not yet replaced). GECC also helped to replace a gate that was broken during looting and replaced a stolen cash drawer register.

>>> Are you an Englewood business and in need of assistance? Click here to get help:

Business Owner Assistance

We are excited to support the businesses in Englewood and help to keep businesses open during this time!

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