The Joseph & Bessie Feinberg Foundation has generously offered to help by pledging $250k to help our small mom & pop small businesses with repairs and replacements and we are asking all of you to help us raise $250k to match what will be so generously donated! We can do this but we can not do this without you! Make your donations here: paypal.me/greaterenglewoodcc

If you're a small business owner in Englewood and your business was damaged during the recent events, please complete this survey https://forms.gle/jepd7RpQCy8U3xzt9  to get assistance with repairs and replacement of windows, doors and security cameras. If you know of a small business in the Englewood area whose business experienced damage during the recent events, please share this info so that we can help.

As you may have seen all over the news, Greater Englewood small businesses suffered severe damages during the 72 hours of looting that took place as a response to the racial, social and economic injustices that plague our nation. The actions of those compelled to pillage our community, have left small business owners with busted windows, broken doors, security cameras ripped from outside fixtures and a few stolen cash registers. Well we will help our small business owners get these items repaired so that they can get back to business, but we need your help...NOW!

We ask that you help us raise $500,000 to help pay for repairs to our small businesses. We are currently sourcing 2 contractors (window & door  installation & security systems) that will help with all the work and we know the cost of labor and materials will be extensive, but we have to get this done as soon as possible. They need us and the community needs them to be open and ready for service.


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